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Powdered brows are more of a fuller, block brow and are completed with a machine in order to create an ombre/powder look instead of individual hair strokes like microblading. I recommend powdered brows for individuals with oily skin, mature skin or those wanting a full look. The ombre effect means that the tails of the brows are darker and fade to a lighter at the start of the brows, giving them a subtle look. A powder brow is ink distributed evenly throughout the whole brow. The ideal candidates for powdered brows are those who have hair but fill it in with makeup. If you have thinner brows, we can add in hair strokes after for additional texture. Powdered brows traditionally last a lot longer than microblading.

Local Microblading Medway Kent

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The best! I did lots of research before booking my appointment, so glad that I discovered Lisa! The reason I chose to make my appointment with Lisa was her experience in the range & diversity of ages, & styles & colours she has in her portfolio, she is just excellent, explaining everything about the procedure, top up & after care before taking the greatest care to get my non existent eyebrows looking perfect in size colour, shape & synergy. A fab & enjoyable experience for me, beautiful & immaculate studio situated in the garden area of her lovely home. Amazing value for money & I would recommend Lisa every time 5* very happy!
Carole Felton

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