Microblading Studio Medway Near Chatham And Rochester Kent

Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Important, please read.

For microblading, powder brows or lip blush treatments, a patch test is required a minimum of 48 hours beforehand for treatment to go ahead.

The patch test is available at brows and beauty by Lisa, or if you are coming from afar, we are able to home deliver. We will require your home address to send it to you. You can book your patch test via the link below.

The cost for your treatment includes your 4-6 week top up. Please note failure to attend your second appointment will be taken that you no longer want or require the second appointment, and therefore, any further appointments are chargeable. 

Some clients may require a third appointment for various reasons such as not following the aftercare correctly, very oily skin or even dry skin if you bleed lots during the treatment or because of illness and some medications. The third session will be charged at £50 and must be within 8 weeks of the second appointment.

Colour boost (maintenance) prices are for our previous clients only. If you have had permanent make-up done elsewhere and wish for a retouch, the total cost for the new procedure will be charged.

You must arrive on time due to the busy nature of my work and clients being booked. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we will not be able to proceed with your appointment. 

To facilitate the running of the appointment system, 48 hours notice of cancellation is required for these appointments.

Videos and photos will be taken before and after the procedure and may be used for advertising purposes online, social media and images on the website. 

Semi-permanent make-up is not suitable for everyone as the skin heals differently for each individual. Whilst every endeavour is made to give you the perfect spmu, please be aware there are no guarantees of the outcome. We advise our clients of this for a few reasons, one being that every client’s expectations are different and cannot always be met. The other is because the treatment can largely depend on the actual client (skin type, aftercare, age, health, previous spmu etc.).

Pre drawing will be shown to you before any pigments are put into the skin. Your acceptance of the pre-drawing is consent to go ahead with the treatment.

The colours used are individually selected by Lisa Chapman; however, pigments/colours can be a different person to person depending on skin type. This is why we have a free retouch appointment.

The Colour is initially 50% darker when treatment has just been done; this will go through a phase of darkening and then fade as the pigment settles into the skin, and as all skin heals differently, hair stokes may blur over time.

After your treatment, you will be given an aftercare pack with an advice sheet, brow wash and balm, and you should endeavour to keep the area clean and refrain from touching as this may cause infections.

If you have previously had semi-permanent make-up treatments, please make sure to send over a clear photo before booking in, as some pigments may not be able to be worked over. Failure to do so may mean that your appointment cannot go ahead.

Lisa Chapman is not qualified to give you any medical advice. You will be required to read and accept the consent forms before any treatment will be carried out.

Please also be advised that children are not permitted in the salon.